Body Subtleties is a site for a collection of gestures made by users based on self-recognition and imagination. It is a place to recognize our bodies' language and appreciate its subjectivity. Built using HTML, CSS, SASS, PHP, MySQL.


“Direct observation alone has revealed that our digital behaviors closely mirror those of Asperger’s sufferers: a dependence on the verbal over the visual, low pickup on social cues and facial expressions, apparent lack of empathy, and the inability to make eye contact. This describes any of us online typing to one another, commonly misunderstanding each other’s essays, insulting one another unintentionally, or seeking fruitlessly to interpret someone’s real meaning by parsing his words repeatedly. According to best estimates, only 7 percent of human communication occurs on the verbal level. Pitch, volume and other vocal tone account for 38 percent, and body movements such as gestures and facial expression account for whooping 55 percent. As we have all experienced, the way a person makes eye contact can mean a whole lot more to us than whatever he is saying.” - Rushkoff, Program or be Programmed, 92